Reviews from Parents and Choristers

“The Thursday evenings I’ve spent in the Scarboro Church gymnasium have taught me more than any classroom.  I have learned many choral skills that I have been able to carry throughout my life, as well as lessons about commitment, trust, and teamwork.”  

– Claire O’Gorman, chorister for 7 years


“Parents of young choristers regularly attend rehearsals and marvel at the wonderful sound their children produce.  Their respect and admiration are evident.  The comfortable chatter between children and parents that can be overheard at the end of rehearsals is evidence of the enhanced parent-child interactions that are a byproduct of their involvement in the program.”

– Gail Danysk, B.Ed., Graduate Diploma, M.Ed


“What keeps them coming back, week after week and year after year?  Perhaps it is the frequent, spontaneous and beautiful musical moments that inspire the children to consistently deliver their best.  I know that’s what compels me to attend every Thursday.  You can count on beautiful music and happy kids humming all the way home!”  

– Laureen Little, parent of three choristers in the Westside Concert Choir


“Even though I loved music, there was really no place in my world where I could explore this love until I joined the choir.  And what joy it was to be in the choir; just to fully immerse myself in music for a short while every Thursday.”  

– Solomon Ip, chorister for 9 years


“I’ll keep coming to choir until I’m not allowed to anymore.”  

– Erin Biberdorf, chorister for many years


“I remember how excited I was when I was finally able to join after Christmas in second grade.  I remember how I always looked up to the older girls and wished I could be one of them someday.”

– Amy Novak, chorister for 7 years